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Lady by Lumaria22

Your heart is a diamond,
So hard and cold
So uncut and so silent,
In a breathing vault

That’s my heart,
Let me help it feel
That’s my heart,
What they all want to steal

Your heart is a diamond,
Every man wants to steal it
Deep inside your fort of skin,
You keep yourself concealed

//Chandrakant D'Evil ©
Lyrics: Lindemann - That's my heart
Winter by Lumaria22
Hajime Ajisai, a cursed reiki ©

//And... copy-paste! I am a dummy!

Reiki, written by combining the characters for “spirit” and “demon,” are the ghosts of oni unable to pass on to the afterlife. Reiki appear as they did before death, though they are often accompanied by an aura or an eerie glow. They are semi-transparent like ghosts, and they often gain additional supernatural powers in addition to the magic they knew in life. 

BEHAVIOR: Reiki have only one motivation: revenge. They seek to bring suffering to the person or people they feel are responsible for their death, or to those who stood against them in life. They can haunt for centuries, following a target, or else attaching themselves to a particular area – often their own grave site – and assaulting those who come near. These hauntings usually persist until exorcised by a powerful Buddhist priest.

LEGENDS: There are fewer stories about reiki than about oni, but the stories that exist tell of powerful spirits even more fearsome than their living counterparts. One of the most well-known reiki legends takes place at Gangō-ji, a temple in Nara. A mysterious force was haunting the temple’s bell tower and murdering children every night. The force was so powerful that not even the most powerful priests could identify it, let alone exorcise it. --"

( )
Golden hair by Lumaria22
Golden hair
Lerach Spiedohre, an extraterrestial with two heads ©
(I only drew one of Lerach's heads. Meh, both of his faces are actually pretty similar among themselves.)

// + Drawn and edited with smartphone. (Autodesk Sketchbook) La la la la
King in colors by Lumaria22
King in colors

Ei virtaa mikään, kaikki jähmettyy.
Ei veden kalvo heijasta kuin pimeää.
Ja hahmo, joka rantaa kulkee yksin kylmissään,
yksin kulkee, yksin sinne jää.

Calome ©
Drawings by Lumaria22
Agnes D'Evil ©
Vampire man (... possibly D'Evil?)
Skull. UH
Monster. UH ©
Cain D'Evil, Gargoyle Prince


Lumaria22's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Finland

Favourite genre of music: Rock and metal, rouhgly. And I also like video game music, mostly Demon's/Dark Souls and Skyrim.

Favourite characters: ... Here we go. Alucard, Pip Bernadotte, Sir Integra Hellsing, Alexander Anderson, Rengoku (Ninja Scroll), Jubei Kibagami, Mujuro Utsutsu, Zoufu (Ninja Scroll), Gouten (Ninja Scroll), Rouga (Ninja Scroll), Jimushi Juubee, Ryuk, Seishin Muroi, Toshio Ozaki, Sunako Kirishiki, Adam Jensen, Spyro, Solaire of Astora, Andre of Astora, Sir Artorias, Lords' Blade Ciaran, Hawkeye Gough, Seath the Scaleless, Gwyn lord of Cinder/Sunlight, Dark Sun Gwyndolin, Gravelord Nito, Nashandra, Fool's Idol, Dragon Slayer Ornstein, Executioner Smough, Bell Gargoyles, Old Iron King, Old Dragonslayer, Ivory king, Old Hero, Sir Alonne, Havel the Rock, Marvelous Chester, King Vendrick, Four Kings, Giant Lord, Velstadt The Royal Aegis, Fume Knight, Pinwheel, Chaos Witch Quelaag, Darklurker, Manscorpion Tark, The Boss, The Sorrow, The Fear, The End, Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven, Solid Snake, Big Boss, Bigby Wolf, Snow White, Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, Raiden, Revolver Ocelot, Fenris, Carver Hawke, Jarl Balgruuf, Ulfric Stormcloak...

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